When we asked you to name the planet’s largest search engines, unquestionably you would develop Google, however what could be number two? Bing? Yahoo?

According to statistics, the world’s next most important search engine is really YouTube. Huge numbers of people are using it everyday to look for videos about hair, fitness, advertising and much more. With such a massive audience currently looking right on the stage, does not it make sense that if we utilize YouTube keyword search and SEO ought to be as essential as it’s on our site?

Here we’re going to have a look at a few of the best YouTube keyword tools on the market, which can help you identify and optimize for the highest traffic keywords for your videos. By optimizing your videos, you are able to rank higher, get more perspectives and enjoy a larger crowd on YouTube.

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Greatest YouTube Keyword Tools recommendation

Before it is possible to enter utilizing some other YouTube SEO tool, then you will want to identify exactly what the most effective keywords for your videos would be. Let us begin by having a peek at the finest YouTube keyword tools readily available, and also how to use these to maximize your own videos.

  • Step 1: Gather YouTube Keywords
  • Step 2: Find the best keywords for your movie

Step 1: Gather YouTube keywords

There are lots of YouTube keyword research tools on the market, every one of which may be utilised in various ways to narrow down the conditions you will have to utilize on your own optimization. Listed below are just five of the top, which you can use separately or all together to Begin creating a list of Possible keywords:

1. YouTube autocomplete

When you begin to hunt for something on YouTube, then you will likely notice that YouTube indicates some key words to complete your search. This can be known as autocomplete, and it operates by indicating the most well-known key phrases that begin with the letters you have typed up to now. What it’s basically saying is that these are the most often searched for terms which use the words you have typed.

This implies it is a wonderful place to begin building your key words, and also a fantastic YouTube key word tool to your videos. Just begin your hunt for your movie (e.g. sneakers for…) and see what’s up. In cases like this, we can observe the most well-known key words are’women ‘,”men’,’children’,’summer’ and’boys’.


Without doubt, this is among the strongest YouTube keyword tools on the market, rank countless key words by popularity. It captures information from YouTube autocomplete and permits you to make lists of key words from this info. In addition to autocompete information, you could also look for queries people are asking, making it exceptionally valuable as a YouTube SEO tool.

The drawback to this specific tool is that it is rather limited about the free edition. Updating to Pro Basic will provide you nearly double the key word benefits and will allow you to compare the quantity of searches made for all those terms also. Nevertheless, this will put you back about $68 a year, so it is going to become something of a investment in case you do it.


SEO Chat is an amazing free tool that could generate keyword ideas from Google, Amazon, Bing and YouTube. You can look for key words from all those sources or can just search YouTube alone to find your keyword lists. You’ll need a’seed’ key word, like’shoes’,”constitute’ or’marketing’, and then organizes results alphabetically along with different letters following your seed key word.


Just scrolling through the results will provide you with plenty of ideas for key words and content also. The tool also enables you to expand your results by choosing a key word and functioning’part two’ of this procedure, which develops those phrases much farther. Your preferred key words can be exported in the program, prepared to be used on your YouTube SEO tool.

4. Collect key words from your competition

Why don’t you learn from the greatest and see what is already working to your competitors? Locating their high traffic keywords is simple and can save yourself a good deal of energy and time. To do so, select a station that’s about your dimensions, as they are your closest competitors. Steer clear of the immense stations, since you’ll discover that it’s difficult to position alongside them.

Click on the movies to view their articles, and type them ‘hottest’ to find those that got the most viewpoints. Have a peek at the name along with also the description of these videos, and you’re going to come across a fantastic fistful of recognized key words which you could begin using yourself.

That is not all however. To optimize your competitor study, let us dig a bit deeper to the tags they’ve employed for their movies too. Regrettably, these are concealed on YouTube, but are readily seen with the webpage’s HTML. Just right click the webpage and choose’view source’. Do not be astonished at the great flow of HTML that pops up, it is easy to search with your search function (press ctrl + f on Windows or ⌘ + crawlers on iOS) by typing ‘key words’ into the search box. These phrases are the tags used in the video.

If ploughing thorough HTML sounds somewhat more straightforward, there’s a handy YouTube SEO instrument you may use to show the tags on page. It is called TubeBuddyand can be a Chrome extension that you’ll discover in the Chrome shop at no cost.

5.Keyword Tool Dominator

It has got a grand title, but it is really quite simple to use and also a fantastic place to begin if you are new to YouTube keyword study. Pop on your seed key words along with the Dominator will make a listing of relevant keywords associated with these phrases. You may then pick the most useful and download them to your device.


The downside with this is that you could just play three searches per day to the free edition. Maybe that is enough for one to start out with, but if you would like to upgrade to the unlimited edition, which may also offer you hunt volumes, it is a one-off charge of $39.99.

Step 2: Find the best keywords for your Movie

Now that you are all set with a raw list of possible keywords for your videos, then it is time to narrow down this list and begin picking the ones that you’re likely to use on your own optimization. To get this done, we are likely to have to drill down to the recognition, search quantity and contest of your potential keyword phrases. Below are a few excellent YouTube SEO tools which may allow you to achieve this.


For getting more data on specific key phrases, Ubersuggest in the SEO guru that’s Neil Patel is among the greatest tools out there. As well as showing search volume and competition, you can observe other info like cost per click and the seasonality of this key word. It’s free to use without any constraints in any respect, so is well worth checking out.

2.Google trends

We’d highly suggest exploring Google Trends as a portion of your YouTube keyword study, since it’s strong, precise and, on top of that, free! The options allow you to narrow down the tendency results to only YouTube hunts, which is fantastic for gaining insights into your search conditions. You may narrow the results down to a particular nation also, assisting you gain insight to what your target market is now interested in.


The key word instrument in VidIQ is among very few research tools which has a purpose for only YouTube built in. You may paste in the keyword phrases you need to study, pick the country you would like to goal, and it’ll return all of the search volumes and volume of rivalry, and will evaluate your key words based on these numbers.

On the downside, there’s a rather complicated subscription procedure to go through in the event that you would like to update from the free edition. In all honesty, the free version is OK for new users, but for in depth analytics you are likely to need to update .

4.Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg is unquestionably among the strongest YouTube keyword research tools on the market. It gives tons of information, drawn from many different information sources such as Wikipedia, Alibaba, Playstore and much more. You can find filters for language and country and you are able to drill down into problems like customer objective and merchandise information. However, just like the majority of complimentary YouTube keyword resources, there’s a strict limitation on what you could do until you pay. In cases like this, you simply get to observe the first five outcomes if you don’t would like to update.

Part 3: Tips – Google video result keywords

Obtaining your video rank tremendously on YouTube is exceptional and will surely bring you more visitors. Obtaining your movie rank on Google too.

To do this you will want to locate’video results key words’ in Google, so yours could be one of those chosen videos which occasionally appear in search. Google determines what should and should not activate a movie outcome, and typically shows them if a movie will make sense, such as when someone asks’how to’ or hunts for’cute’ or’funny’ items.

There is a little trial and error called there’s no YouTube keyword tool to locate movie outcome keywords… yet. However, you may use Google to look your key words and see whether they’re video results key words. Just put them, and when a movie looks from the lists below, you have found a movie outcome keyword that’s worth optimizing .