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Instagram Story Views
How to buy Instastory views on Instagram

Instagram stroy views are especially useful for those who post a lot of videos and would like to increase their visibility. Buying instastory views is easy and will not take more than 5 minutes. And if you follow all the steps, you will be able to enjoy and profit from our services. Choose a packet that best suits your need and remember you can divide it between several videos with a limit of up to 100 views per story. Start saving up and choose a bigger pack to promote all your videos at once. To buy your Instagram stroy views follow these steps:


  • Set your profile settings to public
  • Provide a valid link to your profile
  • Don’t change the name or privacy settings during the campaign


If you do all of it, we will do our best to finalize your order within 20 minutes. However, in case of bigger orders the waiting time can be up to 72 hours. Should you encounter any problems with your order, please contact us by email.


How to increase your instastroy views


Instagram stroy views can be also gained for free. We do not encourage to use programs or bots  as it can end up in having your account shot down or blocked. Our team at Instalikes.shop uses safe tools and all views we provide are from actual and real users. There are many ways to get some additional views legally. The top 5 methods to get Instagram views for free are:


  1. Comment on other users content
  2. Share your vieos on facebook
  3. Post viral or funny videos
  4. Organize contests
  5. Re-post the videos on your website or blog


We also encourage you to read the free tips on how to stand out and be successful on Instagram and other social media. You will find out how likes work and why it is so important to have engaged fans on your Instagram.


Why is it worth to invest and buy Instagram views


Instagram story views are the part of algorithm that relates to promotion of your Instagram videos. Are you launching a new demanding and complex project and you want to boos your reach? Then buying instastory views is a great idea. Additionally, if you want your movie to be positioned higher in search engines, you should also check out our offer, so wait no longer and buy your Instagram likes. We don’t sell fake or empty views, our viewers actually watch your videos till the end, which is why they will not ruin your positioning. We also offer marketing campaigns to help your company make it on the Internet. If you need a custom-made service, contact us at order@instalikes.shop Our regular clients get discounts and promo schemes.


Can I get banned for instastroy views ?


Absolutely not! Our system is fully safe and no matter which of our services you buy, your account is perfectly good with us. Our goal is to help your Instagram account grow. Using our Instagram views service will not put your account to any hazards. So what are you waiting for? Buy instagram views using the link above and become the next hot thing on social media!

How to get more instatroy views on Instagram

Say, you’re at a party, a dinner reception, out with friends or in some gorgeous spot and you want to keep these memories alive. Just make a video and share it with your Instagram followers to get hundreds of views! Instagram instastory are one of the key factors that counts into your account popularity and its positioning. So if your friends and followers did not give you a satisfying number of views, you can purchase Instagram stroy views through our website.


Instant effects the day you order

Most of the orders are processed within minutes, depending on our website traffic and the order size. We have special discounts and promos for big orders and regular clients. Packets of 10 thousand views or less are finalized within one day.

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