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  • Delivered within 1 to 3 days
  • Order starts within few hours
  • 24/7 Support if any issues
  • 3 months free refill on any drops (assuming you ONLY buy followers from us)
  • 100% safe – Twitter will not remove your page because of extra ratings you receive
  • 100% privacy – we keep all customer information
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Become Famous on Twitter

Launching your own Twitter campaign doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be done quickly and easily. Whether it’s to promote your gigs, events, concerts, record releases or big product launches, Twitter can help you get the word out with 140 character Tweets.

This brings that much-needed attention and awareness to what you have to offer. Buy Twitter followers to kickstart your Twitter marketing campaign. Get noticed now!

SMM Lords has already helped Thousands of Artists and Businesses on Twitter

These are some of our most typical customers now getting great traction on Twitter after buying Twitter followers from us. Exact names and profiles are kept confidential to protect their identities.

A few more reasons to buy followers from SMM Lords

Buying Twitter followers can be a tough decision. Of course, we all want our social media campaigns to be organic and natural but we know that this takes time and money. We always suggest to do it earlier in your marketing campaigns rather than later.

Buy more followers to kickstart your new Twitter accounts. By just having a respectable follower count you will instantly gain credibility in the eyes of potential new followers who happen to see your account.

It’s simple to build up a healthy start count by purchasing one of our basic packages. Choose from our follower packages and when you become a paying customer, you will get access to more package choices.

Get thousands of Twitter followers to jumpstart your ventures and increase your credibility. Don’t spend weeks trying to build up a respectable following, instead focus on providing great Tweets. If you do this then buying Twitter followers will never be an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits?

Buying Twitter followers can help you to gain exposure, drive traffic to your website and generally grow your audience online. Whether you are a performer, businessman, brand or organization, it can definitely help you get started on Twitter.

2. Doesn’t it look bad if I buy followers?

Your followers will grow quite quickly so we do recommend people only pay for followers to kickstart their social media campaigns. We suggest that you don’t tweet during the campaign as to not raise flags related to the quick growth.

3. How long before I see results?

In a few days after buying our services, you will begin to see organic accounts talking about your product and business. It usually takes less time, however, we have a lot of orders right now so we do not want to disappoint you.

4. Is this risky? Will Twitter block my account?

It’s not very risky. Twitter occasionally will eliminate some of the accounts that follow you because they do this anyway for inactive Twitter accounts. If your count drops, we will top it off within 90 days.

5. What are the modes of payment?

PayPal is the most convenient form. We also accept major credit cards via PayPal. We love to use PayPal since it provides security for both parties. Not only that but PayPal is a hassle-free way of conducting business.

6. Can you offer me a service guarantee?

Yes. We can even offer you a 100% money back guarantee. We love to retain our customers and hope that they’ll share their experiences with others. If any issues arise, we have a customer service portal available to answer any of your questions.


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