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Why use hashtags?
Hashtags are a handy way of grouping and categorizing tweets, and they help people follow topics in which they’re interested. Anyone searching for a specific topic can find relevant tweets immediately rather than having to scroll through their Twitter feed.

Twitter’s research found that tweets with hashtags increased engagement – clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies – for individuals and brands:
When should I use hashtags on Twitter?
You can use a hashtag whenever you’re referring to a specific topic. For instance, you could use hashtags for:

Events: #TrumpUKVisit, #Wimbledon, #CMIWorld
Places: #NYC, #London
Themes: #ThursdayThoughts
Things: #coffee, #computers, #cars
Verbs: #golfing, #cooking, #writing
Industry terms: #socialmedia, #photography, #tech
You’ll also see hashtags used for Twitter Chats; for example, #QChat, #SEMRushChat


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